Single cluster architecture

The single cluster architecture means when you have only one cluster under one cell and that cluster can have combination of horizontal and vertical cluster members.

Key features of this architecture are:

  • A single load balanced HTTP Server cluster (HTTP Cluster) that spans two or more
    physical nodes.

  •  A single WebShere Portal Server cluster (Portal Cluster) deployed in a single WebSphere Cell.

  • The WebShere Portal Server cluster consists of two of more horizontal cluster members and any number of vertical cluster members per node (resources permitting).

  • A dedicated stand-alone WebSphere Deployment Manager is responsible for the
    management of the entire WebSphere Cell (Cell A).

  • As the environment only consists of a single WebShere Portal Server cluster, only a single release database domain is required. The remaining database domains (communityusr, customizationusr, wmmusr, fdbkusr,lmdbusr, and jcr) are deployed alongside the release database domain. Note that the JCR Repository exists in a different database.

  •  The environment also hosts a LDAP directory server (not shown), which is highly
    available, for maintaining the registered user base.

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