Configure external remote web server

I followed the steps defined in A Step-By-Step Guide to Configuring a WebSphere Portal v6.1.0.0 Cluster using WebSphere Application Server v6.1.0.15 document for setting up external web server. In short these are the steps that i had to follow

  • Install HTTP Server and HTTP Server plugin on same VMWare

  • Navigate to /bin and find the configurewebservername.bat script where webservername is the web server definition name you defined on step 8. In this case, we used webserver1 so our script is called: configurewebserver1.bat

  • Copy the configurewebserver1.bat script from the <plugin root>/bin directory to the <dmgr_profile>/bin directory on your Deployment Manager server.

  • Ensure that the DMGR is running.

  • . In a command line from the <dmgr_profile>/bin directory, run the following command: configurewebserver1.bat -user <was_admin_user> -password password. This script will create the web server definition in the DMGR configuration and map all of the installed applications to the web server.

  • 15. Regenerate the web server plugin by performing the following steps:
    1. Login to the DMGR Admin Console
    2. Navigate to Servers -> Web Servers
    3. Select the Checkbox for the new web server definition
    4. Click the “Generate Plug-in” button
    NOTE: This will be written to the
    xml file.

  • Copy the plugin-cfg.xml file to the remote web server at the following directory, overwriting the existing one: <plugin_root>/config/webserver1

  • Restart the DMGR, web server, and cluster.

  • Verify that you can access the Portal cluster via the web server

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