Enabling security in clustered environment

Enabling security in clustered environment is little different from enabling security in the standalone environment. Follow these steps to enable security in clustered environment

  1. Copy the helper file appropriate to your ldap server from <wp_profile>/ConfigEngine/config/helpers directory and set values to match your LDAP configuration for the properties

  2. Execute the ConfigEngine.bat validate-standalone-ldap configuration task that will validate the values of the LDAP that you set in helper file

  3. Next execute the ConfigEngine.bat wp-modify-ldap-security task to make the actual changes in the portal security

  4. Restart the DMGR, All Node Agents and all cluster members.

  5. Copy the helper file that you changed on primary portal node to the secondary portal node.

  6. Copy the content of helper file into the main wkplc.properties by running the following command
    roperties -DsaveParentProperties=true

    Important Note: Did you notice that we did not mention any config task name here. Instead just specified parentProperties and savenParentProperties parameter. This will only change the wkplc.properties file.

  7. Update the Portal security information on the secondary node by executing the following ConfigEngine script from the /ConfigEngine directory on your secondary node:

    ConfigEngine.bat wp-change-portal-admin-user -DnewAdminId=admin ID> -DnewAdminPwd= -DnewAdminGroupId=Admin Group ID> -Dskip.ldap.validation=true

    Note: The -Dskip.ldap.validation=true flag can be used if the script fails during ldap validation.

  8. Restart the secondary node's WebSphere Portal server

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