What is migration

Migration is the process of collecting configuration data and application from an earlier version of WPS and merging them into a new installed version, so that the new version is identical to the eralier version. The new version can be either on the same machine as the earlier version or on different machine.

Migration is different from upgrading. With upgrading, you replace an existing installed version's out-of-date files with current files. With migration, you install the new version of a product alongside of the earlier version (either on the same machine or on a different machine) and then copy data from the earlier version to the new version. Migrating information from the earlier version to the new version lets you use that information in the new version without having to recreate it from scratch. Migration also lets you carry forward customizations that were implemented in the earlier portal, so that you can continue to use those customizations in the new portal.

You can migrate from version 5.0.2 and later or 5.1.* or from and later to WPS 6.1. Migration is supported from a secure server only and between same product families. and from Express to Enable, Express Plus to Extend, Express to Extend, and Enable to Extend.Administration pages and portlets are never migrated forward from an earlier version. Any customization to these pages or portlets in the earlier installed portals must be recreated in the new installed version.

Important Note: Only the primary node and standalone servers are migrated. The deployment manager and secondary nodes cannot be migrated and must be created anew in the new portal environment.

WebSphere Portal automatically migrates the following applications and configuration data so that the new portal looks and behaves the same way as the earlier portal:

* Security configuration
* Access control
* Portal behavior
* Portlet applications
* Customized portal resources, such as themes and skins, pages, and portlets
* Personalized content
* Virtual portals

Migration does not upgrade these elements to use features that are available in the new version. Taking advantage of new functionality that was not available in the earlier portal requires additional attention after migration is complete.

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