Excluding applications portlets from disable at startup list

The enable-develop-mode-startup-performance task works is that whenever you execute it, it will query the application server to get list of applications installed. This includes the list of portlets installed by default plus the custom portlets and enterprise applications that you might have deployed on the server. Once it has the list it will check name if name of that application is there in the wp.base_ProfileEarAttributesTargetMapExclList.jacl file in the wp_profile\PortalServer\config\StartupPerformance directory. If yes it will skip that application and disable others.

By default this is the content of the wp.base_ProfileEarAttributesTargetMapExclList.jac file. If you want you can add additional applications to this list that should not be disabled. In order to do that Add a line such as lappend WarFileNameList App_name, where App_name is the name of the application. Log on to the WebSphere Application Server Console Mode and navigate to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications to get a list of available applications.

set UseMode exclude

set WarFileNameList ""
lappend WarFileNameList ivtApp
lappend WarFileNameList query
lappend WarFileNameList wps
lappend WarFileNameList isclite
lappend WarFileNameList PA_PTransformationApp
lappend WarFileNameList Personalization_Lists_6
lappend WarFileNameList Personalization_Workspace_6
lappend WarFileNameList PA_PortalWSRPProxy
lappend WarFileNameList PA_Login_Portlet_App
lappend WarFileNameList Live_Object_Framework
lappend WarFileNameList content_j2ee
lappend WarFileNameList jcrear

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