Migrating Custom portlets

WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 uses the IBM WebSphere Application Server portlet container for standard portlets. Migrated portlets that rely on the Java™ Specification Request (JSR) 168 or 286 Portlet API will continue to work unchanged. Portlets that were developed using a non-standard API may require manual adaptation.

The IBM Portlet API is deprecated in WebSphere Portal V6.0 and later. The recommended approach is to migrate existing custom portlets as is and then refactor them using Java Specification Request (JSR) 168 Portlet API.

If your portlet is using the click-to-action feature then pbportlet.jar must be updated.Wires that have declared endpoints are successfully migrated. However, if one of the wiring endpoints is a programmatically added endpoint, it might not yet exist when migration attempts to create the wire; in this case, the wire migration fails.

To migrate remote portlets (portlets that are provided as WSRP services), you must ensure that the WSRP Producer is available before you run the portal-post-upgrade task to import content to the new portal installation.

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