Admin Configuration changes

Until you save the configuration changes you make during a session, the changes do not become effective. If a session is closed without saving the configuration changes made during the session, these changes are remembered and you are given the chance to pick up where you left off.

When unsaved changes for the user ID exist during login, you are prompted to do one of the following:

  • Work with the master configuration: Selecting this option specifies that you want to use the last saved administrative configuration. Changes made to the user's session since the last saving of the administrative configuration will be lost.

  • Recover changes made in a prior session: Selecting this option specifies that you want to use the same administrative configuration last used for the user's session. It recovers all changes made by the user since the last saving of the administrative configuration for the user's session.

As you work with the configuration, the original configuration file and the new configuration file are stored in a folder at: <profile_home&g;/wstemp

Once you save the changes, these files are removed from the wstemp folder. Each user who logs in has a folder created in wstemp. Even when there are no unsaved changes, the folder will contain a preferences.xml file with the user preference settings.

In order to try this i logged into WAS admin console i changed the session timeout but i did not save my changes. When i looked at the wstemp folder i could see something like this

If i open the server.xml file in the wstemp directory i can see my change but if i go to the config directory the changes are not made in the server.xml. SO i tried closing the browser window through which i made changes and reopen a new window and login with the same user id. First it asked me to log out the existing user and i did that, after that i got this dialog box that lets me recover my changes

After recovering my changes i went to session management page in the WAS admin console and i could see my changes. So i clicked save to make my changes permanent then i looked at the wstemp directory and it seems that all the files except the server.xml which has session related changes was removed from the directory

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