Remote Web server on an unmanaged node

The deployment manager and the Web server are on separate machines. The script that defines the Web server is run against the deployment manager and you will see an unmanaged node created for the Web server node. In this case there wont be a node agent on the web server machine

Assuming that the Deployment manager is already installed on Machine B follow these steps

  1. Install the Web server on machine B.

  2. Install the Web server plug-in on machine B by performing the following

    • Select Remote installation.

    • Enter a name for the Web server definition. The default is webserver1.

    • Select the location for the plug-in configuration file. By default, the file will be placed in the directory that contains the server's configuration. For example, when the name specified for the Web server definition in the previous step is webserver1, the default location for the plug-in file is:

    During the installation, the following tasks are performed:

    • A temporary plug-in configuration file is created and placed in the location specified.

    • The Web server configuration file is updated with the plug-in configuration, including the location of the plug-in configuration file.

    • A script is generated to define the Web server and an unmanaged node to
      WebSphere Application Server. The script is located in: <plug-in_home>/bin/configure<web_server_name>

  3. At the end of the plug-in installation, you need to copy the script to the
    /bin directory of the deployment manager machine (machine A),
    start the deployment manager, and execute the script.

When the Web server is defined to WebSphere Application Server, the plug-in configuration file is generated automatically. For IBM HTTP Server, the new plug-in file is propagated to the Web server automatically. For other Web server types, you need to propagate the new plug-in configuration file to the Web server.

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Sudhir Babu said...

Here you mentioned both webserver and Aplication servers are on machine B.