Role mapping during application installation

During the process of running the application installation, you see the Map
security roles to users or groups step. In this step, you have the option of
selecting any of the roles and assigning a user or a group from the user registry
using one of the lookups. You can also assign one of the special subjects
(Everyone or All authenticated) to the role.

Follow these steps to map roles during the installation.

  • In the enterprise application installation wizard, choose "Show me all installation options and parameters" radio box on the first screen. If you dont do that then the installation option wont show you option to Map security roles to users or groups page

  • Follow the installation wizard and then on the Map security roles to users or groups pages, you will get list of roles defined in your application and you could either assign them to roles all authenticated users or everyone or you can select the application role and click on Look up Users or Look up Groups button

  • If you want to select individual users that should be assigned particular application role, you will get a screen like this select the users

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