WAS -Setting up stand-alone LDAP Server

I tried setting up Stand-alone LDAP Server as user registry/repository on my WAS 6.1 Server. These are the steps that i followed for that

  • I did install IBM's Tivoli Directory Server in my VMWare machine

  • Next step is to setup the LDAP Server, with correct data. I used the idsxcfg tool for that.

  • Add dc=webspherenotes,dc=com as suffix

  • Download the WebSphereNotesUsers.ldif file, it has set of users and groups that will need in order to setup the LDAP server

  • Import WebSphereNotesUsers.ldif file in the LDAP server using the idsxcfg tool

  • Now start your LDAP server and LDAP Web Admin tool

  • Login into the LDAP server and verify data that we imported from the WebSphereNotesUser.ldif file

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