WebSphere Application Server - Setting up stand-alone LDAP registry

I wanted to try setting up Stand-alone LDAP registry. So i did install both WAS ND and IBM Tivoli directory server on my VMWare, then i did setup test data in my LDAP server

After that i followed these steps to setup the Standalone LDAP user registry

  • Login into the WAS Admin Console and go to Security - Security Administration, application and infrastructure. I did select enable security while installing the WAS server, so by default is configured with federated file based repository, change the value of Available realm definitions to Standalone LDAP Registry and click on Configure

  • On the next page configure the LDAP details. In my case the LDAP server is on same machine so host name is localhost, it is listening on 389 port so thats the port name and then i used WebSphereNotesUsers.ldif for setting up LDAP data so that takes care of the Base distinguished name, Binding distinguished name, Bind Password,...

  • Go to Advanced Lightweight Directory Access protocol and change value of User Filter to use objectclass=inetOrgPerson, that is because if you check WebSphereNotesUsers.ldif, you will notice that all the users that we are creating have inetOrgPerson as object class

  • Save your changes, come back to main page and make sure that Standalone LDAP Registry as Available realm choice, then click on Set as current.

  • Save your changes, synchronize them to nodes, stop every thing and restart it.

  • Once the server is restarted you should be able to login with wasadmin/wasadmin username and password. You should also be able to see the users from LDAP in Manage Users in WAS Admin Console

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