Profile Management Tool used by Installation factory

When you add any profile customization assets to your CIP, Installation Factory will generate what's called a profile template. The CIP will install this template when it installs WebSphere Application Server. These templates are what WebSphere Application Server uses to create profiles. They are also used by other WebSphere products to augment a WebSphere Application Server profile with the configuration for that product. Installation Factory uses profile templates to execute your profile customization actions as an integrated part of profile creation and augmentation.

A template contains a series of actions that can perform required configuration and application deployment steps during profile creation or augmentation. The template that is generated by Installation Factory contains actions that will process your profile customization assets in the specified order (for example, import a CAR, deploy an EAR, run a script, and so on). You can simply choose this template within the Profile Management Tool (PMT), or pass the template to the manageprofiles command, just as you would to create a standard WebSphere Application Server profile. The profile creation mechanism within WebSphere Application Server looks at the actions in the template and invokes them one after the other.

Using a profile template to execute configuration actions leverages WebSphere Application Server’s rich infrastructure, and provides a user experience that is tightly integrated with the standard profile creation tools.

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