Log levels

WebSphere application server lets you define what all logging messages should be logged to the trace.log file.

These are the log levels defined by WAS

  • Off: No events are logged.

  • Fatal: Task cannot continue and component cannot function.

  • Severe: Task cannot continue, but component can still function

  • Warning: Potential error or impending error

  • Audit: Significant event affecting server state or resources

  • Info: General information outlining overall task progress

  • Config: Configuration change or status

  • Detail: General information detailing subtask progress

  • Fine: Trace information - General trace + method entry / exit / return values

  • Finer: Trace information - Detailed trace

  • Finest: Trace information - A more detailed trace - Includes all the detail that is needed to debug problems

  • All: All events are logged. If you create custom levels, All includes your custom levels, and can provide a more detailed trace than Finest.

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