Web server support

WebSphere Application Server provides Web server plug-ins that work with a Web server to route requests for dynamic content, such as servlets, from the Web server to the proper application server. A Web server plug-in is specific to the type of Web server. It is installed on the Web server machine and configured in the Web server configuration.

A plug-in configuration file generated on the application server and placed on the Web server is used for routing information. In order to manage the generation and propagation of these plug-in configuration files, Web servers are defined to the WebSphere Application Server configuration repository. In some cases, Web server configuration and management features are also available from the WebSphere administrative tools.

The following are the supported Web servers for WebSphere Application Server

  • Apache HTTP Server

  • Domino Web Server

  • IBM HTTP Server

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services

  •  Sun Java System Web Server (formerly Sun ONE and iPlanet)


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