Managed Web Server

When defining Web servers to WebSphere Application Server, it is important to understand the concept of managed versus unmanaged nodes. A supported Web server can be on a managed node or an unmanaged node, depending on the environment on which you are running the Web server.

WebSphere Application Server supports basic administrative functions for all supported Web servers. For example, generation of a plug-in configuration can be performed for all Web servers. If the Web server is defined on a managed node, automatic propagation of the plug-in configuration can be performed using node synchronization. If the Web server is defined on an unmanaged node, automatic propagation of a plug-in configuration is only supported for IBM HTTP Servers.

WebSphere Application Server supports some additional administrative console tasks for IBM HTTP Servers on managed and unmanaged nodes. For example, you can start IBM HTTP Servers, stop them, terminate them, display their log files, and edit their configuration files.