Creating web werver definition in WAS Admin console

During the installation of the plug-in, the Plug-ins installation wizard creates a Web server configuration script named configure<Web_server_name>. This configuration script is used to create the Web server definition and, if necessary, the node definition in the configuration of the application server.

Each stand-alone application server can have only one Web server definition. A distributed server environment, on the other hand, can have multiple Web server definitions. The script creates a new Web server definition unless the Web server name is the same.
The Plug-ins installation wizard stores the script in the <plug-in_home>/bin
directory on the Web server machine. If the plug-in is installed locally (on the same machine as the application server), the configuration script will be run automatically. For remote installations, you must copy the script from the Web server machine to the <was_home>/bin directory on the application server machine for execution. The script runs against the default profile. If one machine is running under Linux or UNIX and the other machine is running under Windows, use the
script created in the <plug-in_home>/bin/crossPlatformScripts directory.

I tried this in my local environment, after installing plug-in i copied the configurewebserve1.bat from plug-in _home/bin directory and to the DMGR_HOME/bin directory and executed it. It took few minutes to execute and i could see this output

After that i logged into the WAS Admin Console and went to Servers - Web Servers, i could see webserver1 being added in there

When i clicked on the webserver1 i could see the details on the webserver1, such as location of web server installation, location of httpd.conf file,

If i click on the Plug-in properties link on the web server definition i can see the plugin related details, such as location of plugin installation, location of plugin-cfg.xml,..

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