Managed web server

Managed Web Server

In a distributed server environment, you can define multiple Web servers. These
Web servers can be defined on managed or unmanaged nodes. A managed node
has a node agent. If the Web server is defined to a managed node, you can do
the following:

  1. Check the status of the Web server.

  2. Generate a plug-in configuration file for that Web server.

  3. Propagate the plug-in configuration file after it is generated.

  4. If the Web server is an IBM HTTP Server (IHS) and the IHS Administration
    server is installed and properly configured, you can also:

    • Display the IBM HTTP Server Error log (error.log) and Access log
      (access.log) files.

    • Start and stop the server.

    • Display and edit the IBM HTTP Server configuration file (httpd.conf)

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