Manage Profile command

Manage profile command is a command line tool that you can use for either creating, delete, list, setting default profile. The Profile Management tool makes use of this tool for actual profile creation.

You can execute the from was_home/bin directory and you can use it for following things

  • Create profile: You can create a profile by using a command like this

    manageprofiles -create -profileName profile_name -profilePath fullyqualified_profilepath -templatePath
    fullyqualified_profile_templatepath -nodeName node_name -cellName cell_name
    -hostName host_name

  • Delete profile:Removing a profile is multi step process and the exasct steps depend on the type of profile that your trying to delete. But the basic idea is first remove the node and then go to profile_home/bin and execute manageprofile -delete command to delete the profile and then execute manageprofiles -validateAndUpdateRegistry command to clean the profile registry

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