Web Container Transport channel settings

The Web Container transport channel lets you configure the write size of the buffer. In the Tunning Transport Channel service, we covered the basics of what is channel service. In that page click on the TCP Inbound Channel link and you will get this page

If multiple writes are required to handle responses to the client, change the value specified for the Write buffer size parameter to a value that is more appropriate for your clients. The Write buffer size parameter controls the maximum amount of data per thread that the Web container buffers before sending the request on for processing. The default value is 32768 bytes, which is sufficient for most applications. If the size of a response is greater than the size of the write buffer, the response is chunked and written back in multiple TCP writes. If you need to change the value specified for this parameter, make sure the new value enables most requests to be written out in a single write. To determined an appropriate value for this parameter, look at the size of the pages that are returned and add some additional bytes to account for the HTTP headers.


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