Enabling Keep Alive in WAS

The HTTP Channel service lets you configure behavior of the HTTP Channel, things like if you want to keep the HTTP connective alive In the Tunning Transport Channel service, we covered the basics of what is channel service. In that page click on the HTTP Inbound Channel link and you will get this page

The Use Persistent (keep-alive) connections settings controls whether or not connections are left open between requests. Leaving the connections open can save setup and teardown costs of sockets if your workload has clients that send multiple requests. THe default value is true and which is optimal setting in most cases.If your clients only send single requests over substantially long periods of time, it is probably better to disable this option and close the connections right away rather than to have the HTTP transport channel setup the timeouts to close the connection at some later time.

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Bais said...

What about "Custom Keepalive method"?
How to comunicate to loadbalancer which node of a cluster to cut off?