Installing TDS 6.2

I want to learn about how to configure WebSphere Portal to use Standalone LDAP as well as federated LDAP so i decided to install IBM's Tivoli Directory Server on my machine.
First of all i could not figure out how to use the couple of TDS 6.1 related CDS that are shipped with Portal Installer to install LDAP, so i did download 7 cds related to Tivoli Directory server 6.2 from IBM partnerworld. First i tried installing Tivoli Directory server on CentOS vmware image, but problem is the Graphical UI wont work because it is not supported. I spent quite a bit of time trying to use console mode to install TDS but somehow i could never get past the Accept License part. After spending 1 day trying to figure it out i decided to install TDS 6.2 on my Windows machine (And i decided that i need to improve my TDS Skills) and connect to it from my WPS installed on CentOS VMWare. These are the steps that i followed

  • Download the 6 Tivoli Directory Server 6.2 installer CDS from the IBM Partnerworld

  • After that i followed these Installing Tivoli Directory Server 6.1 On RHEL5.1 instructions for installing TDS. One important point, after installing DB2 and GSKit i did restart the server. When i tried using typical installation it failed on db instance creation step. Also try loggin as db2admin for db2instance creation task.

  • Once TDS was installed i tried importing PortalUsers.ldif from IL-Setup CD for WebSphere Portal Installer. Db2 kept throwing "Access denied" error, so i ended up creating wpsadmin,wpsbind users and wpsadmins group manually using the Admin UI.

Now my LDAP server is setup so i am going to first try configuring Standalone LDAP and then federated User repository for WPS on my VMware. I do have backup of WPS VMWare so if it fails i can go back to base image.

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