Utilize installation wizards for post config and portal cloning

Portal Configuration wizard is a graphical user interface for setting up WebSphere Portal. Configuration wizard allows you to

  • Enable or disable security

  • Transfer data from default database to another database

  • Connect additional portal server nodes to database

  • Enable integration with Lotus Domino

You can start the config wizard in the GUI mode by executing configwizard.bat file in C:\WebSphere\wp_profile\PortalServer\wizard directory. The Portal installer will give you an option to start config wizard at the end of the installation.

You can also start the configwizard in the console mode by executing configwizard.bat -console.

Once started the configuration wizard will display set of screens where you will have to enter appropriate values. There would a help button on left bottom corner that you can use to open help for inputs on that screen

If you dont want to use configuration wizard or you have an advanced requirement such as you need realm support or your OS does not support config wizard then you can use the manual option which is to set the config properties manually in wkplc.properties and executing appropriate ConfigEngine task.

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