What is virtual portal

Virtual portal allows you to create multiple logical portal sites on single portal installation. Each of these virtual portal can be accessed at different URLs such as
http://localhost:10040/wps/portal/vp1 , http://localhost:10040/wps/portal/vp2,..etc and you can configure different pages, configured to display different portlets on each of these virtual portals.

Important Note: A single portal installation can support up to 150 virtual portals.

You can use concept of realms to configure different user population for each of the
virtual portal and on the administration side either you can assign separate
administrator for each of the virtual portal or same set of administrators can manage
all the virtual portals.

As you can guess virtual portal is logical resource so all the virtual portals share
same JVM. So if one of your virtual portal is resource incentive then it will affect others also they share JVM level resources such as shared library, JNDI COntext (Ex. you cant have different datasources at jdbc/testDataSource context for VP1 and VP2). All different virtual portals will store resource information in same database

When to use virtual portal

  • Multiple departments or teams in your organization want their own portal but they dont expect to use them heavily

  • Even if your going to host only one portal per installation it might be good idea to create one vp on the portal installation and use it instead of setting it up on the base/true virtual portal. It makes administration little easy

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