WebSphere Application Servers backupConfig command

The backupConfig command is a simple utility to back up the configuration of your node to a file. It is highly recommended that you backup your configuration before you make any major configuration change. When you execute the backupConfig command it will take backup of your profile configuration and if something goes wrong you can restore configuration by using restoreConfig command

I took backup of my WebSphere Portal profile by going to portal_profile_root/bin directory and executing this command

./backupConfig.sh /tmp/WebSphere_Portal_03_29_2009.zip

It took 4-5 minutes and after that i could see WebSphere_Portal_03_29_2009.zip file in the /tmp directory. When i looked inside that .zip file it looks like it copied content of portal_profile_root/config directory. On my portal installation i could see four folders under /config directory backup,cells,temp and template out of that it ziped cells and templates folders

This is how my config directory looks like

This is how my WebSphere_Portal_03_29_2009.zip looks like.

the .repository directory is also part of portal_profile_root/config directory but it is hidden. The backup does not include tmp and backup sub-folders of config directory

After reading the Infocenter the impression that i get is we can also copy config directory manually and restore it instead of using backupConfig and restoreConfig command but never tried that so not sure how it works

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Patricia Springfield ๑ said...

and In case I loose the computer?,this is only backup of the configuration parameters is not backup the entire Server, it works at the profile level.

The best way to do a backup is:
Stop everything: Dmgr, Nodes, etc...
and You need to execute the TAR command save it in another place.