Preconfiguring the subadministrators for virtual portals

When you create a new virtual portal using Virtual Portal Manager Portlet, it also takes care of accessing appropriate role to the sub administrator of the virtual portal.

It will read value of portletListNeedAccess which is list of portlet names and will assign role defined by actionSetName to subadminister on all the portlets in the list. In default configuration it will assign Editor role to subadminister on all the portlets defined in portletListNeedAccess list.

You can change these configuration parameters using "Manage Portlet" portlet, you can change either value of actionSetName to some other role such as Manager, Administrator,.. or add remove portlet names from portletListNeedAccess

The Manage Search portlet requires that you assign the following additional role and access rights on it to the virtual portal administrators so that they can use the full functionality of the portlet: Editor@Virtual Resource PSE_SOURCES.

Virtual portal administrators do not automatically have access to work with Web content libraries when using the administration portlet. To enable a virtual portal administrator to work with Web content libraries you will need to assign them access to either the JCR content root node or individual Web content libraries:

If you use the configuration task create-virtual-portal to create a virtual portal, this configuration task does not assign roles to the subadministrators of the virtual portal. In this case assign the required roles manually or by using the portal XML configuration interface. For more information about the XML configuration interface and how to use it refer to the XML configuration interface topic.

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