IBM New Site Wizard

The New Site Wizard feature provides the ability to quickly and easily create virtual portals based on selecting a site template, an initial look and feel style, and optional features. The wizard is designed to be used by administrators and business users alike, to aid in building new sites to support a multi-tenancy portal. The wizard encapsulates many administrative tasks, such as user enrollment, virtual portal creation, and content library creation. Once the portal is created, site owners can easily customize the layout and look and feel.

Portal developers can enhance the New Site Wizard by creating custom site templates and then adding them to the wizard. After the custom site templates are added to the wizard, users can select them when they use the wizard to create their sites

By default, the New Site Wizard creates new sites as virtual portals. Administrators or developers can extend the New Site Wizard to create any type of portal site, such as a composite application instance or a unique set of common pages, by providing their own custom site creation task implementation and set of site templates that use it.
The IBM New Site Wizard portlet is available for download from IBM Solution Catalog.

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