Creating Virtual Portal

You have two options for creating virtual Portal

Use Virtual Portal Manager Portlet

Click on the "New Virtual Portal" button in the Virtual Portal Manager portlet. You will get a screen like this

Enter the appropriate values on this screen and click ok.

Use create-virtual-portal task

You can use the create-virtual-portal task to create virtual portal. Please note one important point that when you create a virtual portal using configuration task, portal will create blank/empty virtual portal.

If you want to use Configuration task then you have two options either you set all the configuration parameters on the command line using -D parameter or set values in C:\WebSphere\wp_profile\ConfigEngine\config\helpers\ file and pass absolute path of this helper file to ConfigEngine using -DparentProperties=<> command line parameter

While creating virtual portal, you will have to set these properties

  • Virtual Portal title: Title for the virutal portal, it is used to display the virtual portal name in VIrtual Portal Manager portlet, it is not displayed to end users

  • Virtual Portal description: Description of virtual portal

  • URL Context: URL for accessing virtual portal. This URL is mapped to the actual internal URL of the virtual portal.

  • hostname: The hostname of the virtual portal. This attribute is optional. Use it to add a hostname of your choice for the virtual portal

  • User realm:The realm that represents the user population for the virtual portal. This field is only shown if your portal configuration supports realms.

  • Initial admin user group:The user group of subadministrators who will be able to administer the virtual portal.

  • Default theme:The theme of the virtual portal.

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Prerana said...


I saw your post when i am searching for solution for my problem.

I need to create a virtual portal with different host names. (say but when I created virtual portal with this host name and try to login, after login it is redirecting to my machine name host entry (ie Can you please help how can I create a virtual portal with a different host name?