WSRP Portlet in cluster

By providing a portlet as WSRP service, a Producer makes the deployed portlet available remotely to Consumers. The WebSphere Portal database stores information about whether a portlet deployed in the cluster is provided as a WSRP service. Because the WebSphere Portal database is shared between the nodes in a cluster, all nodes are updated when providing a portlet as a WSRP service.

The URLs of the Producer services definitions in the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document always automatically point to the Web server performing load balancing in the cluster. This ensures that all requests of Consumers invoking WSRP services of the Producer will be correctly load balanced.

The Producers URLs are generated by first checking the settings of the WSRP SOAP ports, as described in the WSRP documentation. If the SOAP port values are not set, the values of the and host.port properties in ConfigService are used. These values typically point to the load balancing traffic dispatcher. If no values are specified for either the SOAP ports or in ConfigService, the host name and port of the request used to reference the Producer WSDL document is used.

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