Browser that does not support JavaScript

As per Infocenter the client side theme will use Server Side aggregation mode if the browser does not support JavaScript. I did some debugging to find out what it really means

  • The head_extras.jspf has browser check like this

    >c:set var="isSSA" scope="request" value="${ renderMode eq 'force_ssa' or isSafari or (browser eq 'Moz' and (browserName ne 'Firefox' and browserName ne 'Opera') )}"/<

    It checks that if browser is Safari or Mozilla but not firefox or Opera then use Server side aggregatioin.

  • If you disable javascript in your IE or Firefox then it wont force SSA, instead your page will stop rendering.

  • I also tried changing the supported client configuration and change profile of Firefox to remove HTML_JAVASCRIPT. That means to say that Firefox does not have JavaScript capabilities but that does not work either

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