Utilize the portal scripting interface to create pages, add portlets, set security, and manage portal resources

The Portal Scripting bean provides following 8 beans that you can use to administer the portal server.These are objects with methods that work on the portal data. Portal objects are not represented by JACL objects. There is no JACL object that represents a particular page or an individual portlet. Rather, there is a fixed number of Script Beans that provide access to specific areas of the portal data. Each bean has a name, which is also the name of the global JACL variable that stores it.

  • Portal:It allows you to work with portal object, it has methods to login, logout of portal, set the virtual portal that you want to work with

  • Content: Provides access to content hierarchy of the portal

  • Layout: Deals with Layouts of the pages

  • Portlet: This bean works with portlet repository. Things such as deployed web modules, portlet applications, portlets.

  • Look: Provides access to themes and skin in the portal

  • Access: This bean can be used to get PacList object for particular resource. Once you have the object you can view and modify it and once your done modifying the object set it back for those changes to take effect

  • PacList: This object represents the actual access control of resource. You can get it using Access bean modify it locally and then commit your changes using Access bean

  • Publish: This bean provides you access to site management functionality. You can use it for promoting page,label from source to target.

Each of these beans provide help() method that you can call to find out more information about the bean, it will display help on method names that this bean supports as well as basic help on the bean. If you want help for particular bean you can call beanname.help('methodname') Ex. to get more help about login method in Portal bean call Portal.help('login')

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