Introduction to Release Builder

The ReleaseBuilder enables management of release from stage to production server. The RelaseBuilder takes two xmlaccess export files as input and it creates xmlaccess file as output, this file has difference between two input files, i.e. it will have difference of which resources are added, which resources are removed, updated etc. Once you have the difference you can apply it on the target using xmlaccess tool. ReleaseBuilder enables management of release configurations independent of user configurations.

Important Note: ReleaseBuilder is configuration management tool, it cannot be used for migrating portal from one release to another i.e. WPS 6.0 to WPS 6.1. Portal has migration tools to help you with that.

The file is located inside wp_profile_root/PortalServer/bin. You can execute it using this syntax

releasebuilder -inOld release1.xml -inNew release2.xml -out difference.xml

  • inOld: Fully qualified path of the xmlaccess input file that represents the first release configuration

  • inNew: Fully qualified path of the xmlaccess input file that represents the second release configuration

  • out: Fully qualified path where the output of the release builder should written. This would an xmlaccess file that represents difference between first and second release. Import this difference.xml file on the production server using xmlaccess tool to apply difference between two releases

Important Note: Releasebuilder tool can be executed on separate machine or it can be executed on the same machine even when Portal Server is running. Release Builder is performance incentive tool so dont run it on production server

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