Understand the portal scripting interface and its relationship to the WebSphere Application Server scripting interface

The Portal Scripting interface allows you to create scripts that portal administrator can use to perform administrative tasks from command line. Starting from WPS 6.1 you will have to use Jython syntax instead of JACL syntax for writing your script.

The portal scripting interface is based on the wsadmin (WebSphere Application Scripting interface). Actually when you execute wpscript.bat/.sh you will notice that it says "Invoker script for wsadmin with portal scripting bean". That means its the wsadmin script with few additional MBeans for managing portal. So you can use the Portal Scripting interface to do everything that you can do with wsadmin script in addition to that you can perform some portal specific tasks.

You can work with Portal Scripting interface in two ways

Interactive Mode: In this mode it will open wpscript console and you can execute one command at a time.

./wpscript.sh -port port_number -user admin_userid -password admin_password

Script mode: If you have a script file that you want to execute for performing repetative operation use the script mode

wpscript.sh -port port_number -f script_file_name.jacl

By default it will use JACL syntax but if you want to use the Jython syntax then add -lang jython as command line parameter while invoking the Portal Scripting interface

Important Note: If your working with Portal Scripting interface in the clustered environment then make sure that you always execute your script on the primary portal server and specify the soap port no. of primary portal server while connecting to scripting interface

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