Virtual Portal Resource Scope

When it comes to scope of resource, by which i mean who can access and modify resource, the portal resources can be divided into three categories

Separating and sharing resources between virtual portals

These resources are scoped at the level of virtual portal. They cannot be accessed or changed from outside the virtual portal.

  • Portal Pages

  • Portlet instances

  • Portal Search Engine search services and search collection. THis includes search content sources

  • Composite applications and templates

If your using different user population for virtual portal then you can assign only vp users the access to these resources.

Portal resources that you can separate for virtual portals by using Portal Access Control

These are the resources that are shared by all the virtual portals on that installation.

  • Portlets

  • Portlet applications

  • Web modules

  • URL mapping contexts

  • Users and groups.

You can separate these resources for individual virtual portals by using Portal Access Control.

Portal resources that cannot be separated for virtual portals

There are some types of portal resources that are not scoped to a particular virtual portal, and you cannot separate them yourself by using Portal Access Control.

  • Themes and skins. If you do not want subadministrators to be able to manage themes and skins, restrict their access rights on them.

  • Vault segments and vault slots. To avoid security problems, use private credentials only. They can be used by only one specific user.

  • Supported clients and markups. The settings for these are configured in the corresponding portlets; therefore they apply to the entire portal installation.

  • Policies. Policy resources are not scoped to virtual portals. Users see the policy resources to which they have access, regardless of the virtual portal assignments.

When you update a portlet application it affects all the virtual portal. If you change configuration level preference for a portlet it will also affect all the instances of that portlet in all the virtual portals, you can work around this problem by creating copies of the portlet and setting configuration parameter for particular copy.

Portlet instance is scoped at the level of virtual portal that means if you set change preferences using edit shared settings or edit option then those changes would be local to the virtual portal.

Personalization is not aware of virtual portals. A document library that is available in the initial portal installation is also available in each virtual portal, if Personalization is available in that virtual portal and is configured to use that document library. Searching for a document in a document library will produce a document reference (URL) that is different in each virtual portal, but points to the same document in the document library. To provide separation of content within virtual portals, use separate document libraries for each virtual portal. To provide content collaboration between virtual portals, use the same document libraries between virtual portals

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