Creating cross page wire

Cross page wires allow your portlet to send data to portlet that is available on different page. THe way it works is when you click on the Action URL in source page it will send event to the target portlet, this will also result in page switch (Page switch is default option but you disable page switch.). Few developers use this mechanism for page navigation.

Before you create cross page wire you will have to enable the event on target portlet to get accept calls globally. You will have to perform few additional steps. Please follow these steps to create cross page wires

  • Go the Wires tab of the target portlet. If you dont have any other source and target portlets on that page you should see screen like this.

  • On this screen it will display all the event targets. Select the target that you want to be invoked globally and check its global checkbox and click ok.

  • Now come back to the source page, click on Edit Page Layout and go to Wires tab. Now when you select the source portlet and the event you want to publish, it will populate the Target Page List and now it will have name of the target portlet where you marked a property global, select target page, portlet here. Keep the Switch Page checkbox checked if you want that user to switch from source to target page. Click on add button at the end to actually add the wire.

Now test your wire by clicking on the action URL in source portlet, it should take you to target page. Comeback and uncheck the switch page checkbox now the event would be sent to target portlet, i.e. target portlets processEvent() method will get executed but user will stay on the source page.


dnl said...


Can you help me?

I have 2 portlets with cross-page wiring and this works ok y portal theme, but when i apply portalweb2 theme the wires is not working, i try to find information about this but i can't find.

Thanks in advance

Portal server 6.1
RAD 7.5

calli said...

I Get a EJPAR2070I: No wires can be created on this page. Error when i go to the Wire Tab can not figure out why ? An other portlet maps to the same target portlet from another page just fine.