Installation Options

WebSphere Portal supports three different options for how you can install portal server. The option that you choose might depend on the OS that your using. Ex. Some of the operating systems such as CentOS that i am using on VMWare do not support Graphical Install, so i cant use the install wizard

WPS provides following three install options

  • Graphical user interface: The graphical user interface program gathers essential information, such as host name and node, and then performs the installation.

  • Console mode: The console mode is a textual representation of the graphical user interface program. Enter a number that corresponds to your selection and then press Enter to proceed through the installation.

  • Silent installation: The silent installation uses a response file to supply installation options without user interaction. Use this option when installing or uninstalling WebSphere Portal Express on multiple machines with a similar setup. To configure the installation, change the options in the response file before issuing the installation task.

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