Understand the use of the portal property files

As i mentioned in the previous post Portal has concept of Configuration template files that defines set of properties that must be set for particular configuration task. In addition to that you might want to create set of configuration .properties file for your own environment. Ex. Instead of setting the user name and password wkplc.properties file you can set in your own .properties file and protect that file or you can create .properties file that has values specific to your environment.

Once you have your own .properties file you can ask ConfigEngine to use that .properties file using these two command line parameters

  1. parentProperties: Value of this command line parameter should be a path to the .properties file that should be used as parent of wkplc.properties file. If same property is present in both parentProperties file and wkplc.properties then the value in parentProperties take precedence

  2. SaveParentProperties: If you set SaveParentProperties to true then ConfigEngine will take the values from the parentProperties and set them in wkplc.properties file if the configuration task is completed successfully.

ConfigEngine.bat -DparentProperties=/helper_file_directory/helper.properties -DSaveParentProperties=true

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