Configuration Templates

The Configuration Task i.e. depends on different set of properties depending on the configuration task that your running as well as your configuration. Ex. The Database transfer task would depend on the database related properties such as DB User Name and password where as the Configuring LDAP would need host name of the LDAP server, user name and password.

The WPS server provides set of helper .properties files under wp_profile/ConfigEngine/config/helpers directory that you can use as template depending on the configuration task that your running. These are the configuration helper files that ship with WPS version

If you open any of the configuration template file you will notice that it has similar structure. At the top of the file it will have some help information such as what is the helper file for what type of configuration tasks depend on this,..etc. Second part is that it defines set of properties and provides default values for some of the properties.

If you want to run particular configuration task check in the infocenter if it suggest particular helper file that you should use. If yes open that file check values for each of the properties if the property has default value you can make sure that value is correct in your environment if no set the value. Once your done changing the template file execute

./ -DparentProperties=/helper_file_directory/ -DSaveParentProperties=true

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