Search the Business Solutions catalog

The Business Solution Catalog provides few portlets that are available for use either free or for fees or you could trial version of portlet.

Some of these portlets are developed by IBM and others are developed by vendors. You can find if the portlet is free or available for fee from Details tab -> Categorization -> Price. You wont be able to find the price from Solution catalog though.

Some of the portlets that i like are

  1. IBM New SIte Wizard:This portlet can be used to create new portal sites based on template

  2. Web Application Integrator for IBM WebSphere Portal:THis portlet allows to add portal header on your custom web applications

  3. IBM Portlet For google gadget: THis portlet allows you to display a google gadget as portlet

  4. IBM WebSphere Portal Widget portlet:This portlet can display Widget Specification 1.0 compliant widget as a portlet

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