Understand troubleshooting of installation issues

The WebSphere Portal server creates different log files during installation. You can check these log files to debug the installation problem or find out if the installation was successful in case of silent install

It creates log files in different locations

  • PORTAL_ROOT/log: When installation program starts it creates set of log files in the %TEMP% directory. In case of linux OS it would be /tmp and in case of Windows it would be C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp directory. As soon as the install starts portal will verify your input, OS and check other dependencies. During this process it will write log into tmp directory. But once the validation is successful it will move log files to PORTAL_ROOT/log directory.

    1. wpinstalllog.txt: Contains trace information that is generated by the installation program. If installation fails then check this file to find out what went wrong.

    2. installmessages.txt: Contains messages that are generated during installation. If your using silent install then check this file at the end of the install to see if the installation was successful. You should see message like this EJPIC0004I: The installation has completed successfully.

    3. installtraces.txt:Contain trace information generated by the dependency checking function. Output is added to installtraces1.txt until it reaches a predefined size, at which point output goes into installtraces2.txt and then into installtraces3.txt. When installtraces3.txt is full, output reverts to installtraces1.txt and overwrites previous trace information. Check these files if there are problems with component discovery and dependency checking.

    4. LocalizeTrace.log:Contain archive install/fixup messages. Check this log for errors generated during the archive install/fixup.

  • WAS_ROOT/log/install: Has log files generated during the WebSphere Application server installation and profile creation

    1. WAS_ROOT/log/install/log.txt:Contains the trace information generated during the installation of WebSphere Application Server. Check this log if you have problems with the installation of WebSphere Application Serve

  • WAS_ROOT/log/install:Has log files generated during the creation of wp_profile.

    1. wp_profile_create.log: If the portal installation fails during the creation of profile then check this file

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