WebSphere Portal Configuration

The Configuration Tasks allows you to perform various configurations such as modifying portal URL, creating or deleting virutal portal, enabling or disabling security,..etc. The Configuration tasks are executed during the installation program. You can execute configuration task manually any time or the Portal Configuration Wizard provides graphical interface for executing some of the common configurations.

Important Note: Till the WPS 6.0 version the Configuration Tasks were executed using wpsconfig.sh/.bat and it was located under portal_server_root/config directory.

Executing particular configuration task is a two step process.

  1. First find out what all properties should be set to execute particular configuration task and set those values in Configuration Properties files. The COnfig Engine reads one or more of the following properties file at the time of executing the Configuration task

    • wkplc.properties:

    • wkplc_comp.properties:

    • wkplc_dbtype.properties:

    • WmmVmmDBMigration.properties:

  2. Once the necessary configuration properties are set you can execute the configuration task by executing ./ConfigEngine.sh <configtaskname> command in wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine directory. If you dont want to set value of particular property such as PortalAdminPwd in the .properites file then you can pass that value using -D flag. Ex -DPortalAdminPwd=<portaladminpwd>

Important Note: When you execute the ConfigEngine task it will generate some debugging/log information on the console. In addition to that it also generates trace information in wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine/log/ConfigTrace.log. Check this file in case there was failure in executing configuration task.

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