User Population for virtual portal

There are two basic options for the management of user populations for your virtual portals.

  • Federated repository Using the virtual member manager that is integrated with WAS. VMM allows you to create a user registry based on LDAP or database. You can use VMM in two ways

    • Configure separate user populations for each of your virtual portals.

    • Use a common user population for all virtual portals. In this case all the users in the user population can login into every virtual poral on that installation. But if you dont want that then you can change it using Portal Access Control

  • Light weight directory access protocol: If you want to use user repository based on single LDAP server for all the virtual portals in your installation you can use this opion.In this case all users of that user population can access all virtual portals, unless their access rights are explicitly restricted by portal access control settings. In order to achieve access restrictions for specific virtual portals, you can use the Portal Access Control portlets

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