Optimizing Development environment

If your setting up a WebSphere Portal for development environment then use some important guidelines

  • Use Administration option: If you choose the Administration option the installer wont install all the pre-built portlet such as composite application or common mails. But if you want these features then you can install the feature that your interested in.
  • After installing the portal server execute this config taskConfigEngine.bat enable-develop-mode-startup-performance -DWasPassword=password. This task will improve the portal server startup time by delaying startup of some of the portelts to the time they are actually used. If you want to exclude particular application from lazy load then you can add its name to WebSphere\wp_profile\PortalServer\config\StartupPerformance

You can revert your lazy loading change by executing ConfigEngine.bat disable-develop-mode-startup-performance -DWasPassword=password task

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