Understand the differences and advantages between Client Side Aggregation (CSA) and Server Side Aggregation

WPS 6.1 includes two new themes

  • Portal: Is new look and feel for the portal. It is traditional JSP Server side aggregation theme

  • PortalWeb2: Is based on Portal theme but enabled to use Client side aggregator.
    These two themes can serve as examples of what is required to add the CSA aggregator to an existing Server Side Aggregation (SSA) theme

This picture represents all the parts that are generated dynamically in the page in red color.

With Client Side Aggregation theme when you go to portal page first it will generate skeleton page with place holders for dynamic parts. Once the page is loaded the com.ibm.aggregation.Aggregator takes care of making Ajax calls to get different fragments of the page and once the fragment is fetched applies XSL to convert it into HTML and inserts that HTML into the place holders.

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