Modify Portal URL

After installing WebSphere Portal you might want to change the default URI from say http://localhost:10040/wps/portal to http://localhost:10040/ibm/home. Changing the default portal URI is little more complicated because when you install portal, all the portlets get installed with the default path. Ex. Go to wp_profile/installedApps/<nodeName> directory, and go to one of the portlet directory say PA_Login_Portlet_App.ear/META-INF directory and open the application.xml file it should look something like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE application PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD J2EE Application 1.3//EN" "">
<application id="Application_ID">

As you can see the portlet application is installed at /wps/<portletname> url. If you want to change the portal url then all these portlets should be redeployed to start with say /ibm/ parth.

Please follow these path to change the portal URI

  • First copy all of your own custom portlets to PortalServer_root/installableApps directory. As i said as of changing URI all the portlets have to be redployed. The configuration task for changing URI, takes care of this by redeploying all the portlets in PortalServer_root/installableApps directory. This directory has .war files for all the portlets that ship with WPS, you should copy the .war files for your custom portlets in this directory

  • Stop the portal server if it is running already

  • Edit the file and change the value of wps

  • Edit the file to change these two values the value of home is used for public pages and myhome for authenticated user pages. Change value of WsrpContextRoot if you want.


  • Start the server1 by execute ./startServer server1 command

  • Execute ./ modify-servlet-path -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password Configuration task

  • Restart the server1 and WebSphere_Portal server

Take a look at Changing Portal URL for further information

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