Installation Options

When your installing Websphere Portal using the Wizard or console, the wizard will ask you, whether you want to install full portal or administrative portal. Administration is more common choice. Even if you are using silent install option you will have to set the setupTypePanel.selectedSetupTypeId value to indicate if it is full or administration install.

  • Full: The full option includes all of the out-of-box portlets and administration portlet. Use this option only if you want to install some of the features such as COmposite applicationss, common mail portlets.

    • Full set of applications and features.

    • Targeted for evaluators, customers who are interested in the OOB apps.

  • Administrations: If your setting up a development environment or your not planning to use the out of box features such as composite applications, common mails choose admin option. Once you install portal using admin option you can add components such as composite application afterwards when you need it. If you choose admin option the installer program will install all admin portlets and create WPS administration related pages it will also create welcome pages.

    • Minimal level of fully functional Portal.

    • Admin content, Welcome page, self-provisioning pages.

    • Better runtime performance (less apps).

    • Targeted for building stack solutions.

Important Note Please note that if your installing Portal Express edition then you dont have option of installing either full or admin portals. It always install full portal.

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