Log files for error during product binary files installation

After installing WAS 6.1 check the app_server_root/logs/install/log.txt file to verify that there were no file or other ununsal error while installaing. If there were errors correct them and reinstall product. If the WAS installation was successful the last line in log.txt should be something like this

(Sep 5, 2009 10:48:42 PM), Process, com.ibm.ws.install.ni.ismp.actions.SetExitCodeAction, msg1, CWUPI0000I: EXITCODE=0
(Sep 5, 2009 10:48:42 PM), Process, com.ibm.ws.install.ni.ismp.actions.ISMPLogSuccessMessageAction, msg1, INSTCONFSUCCESS

If the status was either INSTCONFPARTIALSUCCESS or INSTCONFFAILED, then that means the installation was not successful.

If the installation was not successful then take a look at log files.

  • app_server_root/logs/install/log.txt: Logs all installation events.

  • app_server_root/logs/install/installconfig.log.gz: Logs the activities of ANT configuration scripts that run at the end of installation procedure. If there was error in ant script configuration you should see Configuration action failed message.

  • app_server_root/logs/install/trace.log.gz: Contains trace information generated during the install. If the product was installed successfully, the last few lines should look like this

    2009.09.05 22:48:42.012 EDT I Current install/uninstall process is successful. Process type is: install
    2009.09.05 22:48:42.121 EDT I CWUPI0000I: EXITCODE=0
    2009.09.05 22:48:42.122 EDT I INSTCONFSUCCESS

  • app_server_root/logs/install/trace.xml.gz: Contains trace information generated during the installation in xml format

If the installation of the core product files fails, fix the error and reinstall the product

Important Note: If the error happens early in the installation, look for the log.txt file in the system temporary area. The installation program copies the log from the temporary area to the logs directory at the end of the installation.

During installation, a single entry in the app_server_root/logs/install/log.txt file points to the temporary log file, either %TEMP%\log.txt on Windows platforms, or /tmp/log.txt on platforms such as AIX or Linux. The installation program copies the file from the temporary directory to the app_server_root/logs/install/log.txt location at the end of the installation.

If the installation fails and the log.txt file has only this one pointer to the temporary directory, open the log.txt file in the temporary directory. The log might have clues to the installation failure.

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