Verify Instllation - Snoop servlet

WebSphere Application Server provides a default configuration that administrators can use to easily verify that the Application installed is installed properly and running. When the product is installed, it includes an application server called server1 and enterprise aplication called Default Application. The Default application has snoop servlet, that retrieves information about a servlet request. The servlet returns following information

  • Servlet initialization parameters

  • Servlet context initialization parameters

  • URL invocation request parameters

  • Preferred client locale

  • Context path

  • User principal

  • Request headers and their values

  • Request parameter names and their values

  • HTTPS protocol information

  • Servlet request attributes and their values

  • HTTP session information

  • Session attributes and their values

The Snoop servlet includes security configuration so that when WebSphere Security is enabled, clients must supply a user ID and password to initiate the servlet.

You can access the snoop servlet at http://localhost:9080/snoop. This screen shot is from the response that i get on my machine


Anonymous said...

Hey Sunil, how did you enable the snoopy sublet? all I get is the

"WebGroup / virtual host not defined” error

I tried changing ports and hosts, but can't get it to load....
Do you think you could post a step by step example?

Michael R said...

nevermind. I got it working... needed to completely uninstall restart and install again to get everything working again.

Anonymous said...

what in general will be the credentials to login?