What is dynamic cache

Caching the output of servlets, commands, and JavaServer Pages (JSP) improves application performance. WebSphere Application Server consolidates several caching activities including servlets, Web services, and WebSphere commands into one service called the dynamic cache. These caching activities work together to improve application performance, and share many configuration parameters that are set in the dynamic cache service of an application server. You can use the dynamic cache to improve the performance of servlet and JSP files by serving requests from an in-memory cache. Cache entries contain servlet output, the results of a servlet after it runs, and metadata.

The dynamic cache service works within an application server Java virtual machine (JVM), intercepting calls to cacheable objects. For example, it intercepts calls through a servlet service method or a command execute method, and either stores the output of the object to the cache or serves the content of the object from the dynamic cache.

You can cache following things

  • Servlet output

  • JSP output

  • WebSphere command

  • Edge side include cache

  • Web Service Output

  • Application specific custom objects

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