What is user registry/repository

In case of WebSphere Application server, the information related to users and groups reside in a user registry or repository. The WAS server will use this information for authenticating users and also for authorizing users.

WAS 6.1 supports following types of registries and and repositories

  • Local operating system registry

  • Stand-alone Lightweight directory access protocol registry

  • Stand-alone custom registry

  • Federated registry

Only one user registry can be active at a time.When a user registry or repository is not configured, the local operating system registry is used by default. If your choice of user registry is not the local operating system registry, you must first configure the registry or repository, which is typically done as part of enabling security

Custom registry: On occasion, although you might use supported registries,such as LDAP, you might want to implement your own custom registry for more control or when you have special situations. In general, you can use the custom registry if the default registry support is not enough.

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