WAS Installation overview

The installation procedure on distributed platforms uses the InstallShield MultiPlatform (ISMP) program to perform the installation. You can use the installation wizard in graphical interface mode or in silent mode. In silent mode, the installation wizard does not display a graphical interface, but instead, reads your responses from a flat file that you prepare beforehand.

The Network Deployment product lets you create unlimited numbers of the same standalone application servers that you can create with the Express product or the base product. However, the real strength of the Network Deployment product is to create and manage a multi-machine environment, where you have installed managed application server nodes on different machines. You can manage all of the application servers as a group, or cell, by using the administrative console of the deployment manager

You can create any number of application servers on a single machine. Although each profile is unique, with its own configuration, applications, data, logs, and administrative console, all of the servers share one set of command files and other product binary files. Changes that you make to one server profile do not affect the other servers. Configuration documents are maintained within each profile.

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